Snow Removal Jobs Calgary

Calgary Job Positions

Snow Removal Job Positions

We are now hiring for all positions of snow removal in Calgary. We have job positions open for New and Seasoned Snow personnel professionals.  If you have never did snow removal but want to give it a try, contact us today and we will train you for the position best suited for your preference and abilities. 

Guaranteed Hour Job Positions

Snow is very sporadic and for that reason we offer guaranteed hours for people wanting to make snow removal their full time winter work. 

 If you are only interested in part time snow work, no problem that is available too but not with a guaranteed hour promise.   

Subcontractor Job Positions

 If you own a business and would like to work as a subcontractor that is perfect we are always looking for snow removal subcontractors.  Our subcontractors receive a base monthly rate based on the amount of work and equipment that are ear marked for our snow removal services. 

Snow Removal Job Salary

  Snow Removal job position salary will range depending on your experience. The beginning rate is $22 per hour. A very seasoned veteran who runs a crew and is full time year round can make up to $35 per hour. 

  Subcontractors are paid above going rates for equipment and labor.  We also offer subcontractors a paid if it snows or not bonus monthly. 

Outdoor Jobs

As you might have guessed, snow removal jobs are based exclusively outside. If you like fresh air and dress appropriately then snow removal work can be quite enjoyable. We do have some hand work but by far most of our snow removal jobs have the employee inside of trucks and equipment.      

Nights and Weekends

Snow removal work can happen any day and anytime. If you would like something other than a 9 to 5 job then snow removal is for you. Most times we work late evening until early morning, doing most snow removal while businesses are closed.